HOW IT WORKSThe NTL fire impregnation by BURNBLOCK® process


Step 1. Wood is delivered!

Timber is delivered by our customers to the NTL fire treatment site


Step 2. The wood is placed in the autoclave

The timber products are unpacked, stickered and placed in our I.S.V.E. autoclave 


Step 3. BURNBLOCK impregnation 

Vacuum is applied to remove all air before filling the vessel with the patented, 100% biodegradable, all natural BURNBLOCK® solution.
The concentration of BURNBLOCK® is tailored specifically to the wood species and density, ensuring consistent, optimized fire resistance for all wood products.


Step 4. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Species-specific vacuum of varied pressure and timing is applied, ensuring BURNBLOCK® penetrates the pores of the wood deeply, for a long-lasting, and safe treatment 


Step 5. Drying!

The treated wood is then placed in the fully automated SECAL drying kilns which use ultra-sensitive moisture probes to dry the wood to the desired moisture levels.
All under close, continuous inspection from our experienced operators.


Step 6. Wrap it up..

Once dried, all wood is stickered and packaged as requested by our customers


Step 7. Bye bye!

Wood is collected by our customers for use in yet another sustainable, certified and safe wood construction

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