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  • What makes a fire retardant product sustainable?


  • What health risks do Burnblock by NTL represent?

    Burnblock requires no specific safety equipment, however some data indicate a slight irritation if Burnblock should accidentally come into direct contact with the eye. The Danish Technological Institute assesses this effect to be less than that of natural lemons and fruit juice. In the Health Assessment from the Danish Technological Institute, no significant health risks due to Burnblock components are listed.

  • How does Burnblock by NTL work?

    Burnblock is a highly effective and non-toxic fire retardant. BurnBlock is consisting of only purely natural ingredients combined in a patented formula. BurnBlock effectively prevents oxygen from reaching the treated object – and without oxygen: no fire.
    BurnBlock is completely harmless and even in case the substance should make contact with the human eye, it will be no more harmful than fruit juice (ref. made to the health assessment).
    BurnBlock is a highly effective and well documented fire retardant, that can be used both industrially and as a post treatment. It is an invisible treatment, that when applied correctly leaves no greasing, so staining, no trace, making the treated material ready for most post treatments, this weather the treated material being wood, paper, textiles ect.
    Once absorbed by the treated material, BurnBlock leaves behind a surface that can char and release water upon application of heat. This process absorbs a portion of the heat and helps prevent further occurrence and spread of fire.
    Materials treated with BurnBlock are, therefore, protected from combustion and any spread of flame.

  • How is the fire protection provided by Nordic Timber Labs performing compared to other solutions?

    The fire impregnation services provided by Nordic Timber Labs has tested and classified a long list of wood species to the highest possible standard; EN13501-1:2007 (reaction to fire), EN14135 (resistance to fire) EN45545:2015 R1&R10 (rolling stock).

  • What certifications do Burnblock have?

    BURNBLOCK® has previously documented that Western Red Cedar and Thermo Pine impregnated with BURNBLOCK® maintain their fire performance (ISO5660-1) both before and after accelerated aging test according to test method EN927-6 as part of EN16755: 2017, and that they comply with the hygroscopic requirements according to EN16755: 2017.
    For further details, please read more here.

  • Can I get a product demo to see how the product works?

    We are always happy to share demo materials or come visit to prove our product performance on different materials related to your business. 

  • What wood types does Nordic Timber Labs serve? 

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